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NJE ft. Untaymable – ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ music video

My 5th video here for NJE. This one also featuring Untaymable, who also made an appearance in the last NJE video ‘I Remember’. This one was shot around Newtown, just a short walk from the station. For this video I’d specifically bought a car suction mount adapter for the camera, as well as a cheap fisheye lens adapter. The adapter worked best on my Nikon f2.8 28mm lens, so I used that for most of the clip. Although for the car shots, I used my Sony f2.8 16mm lens.

For the car shots, I used a Delkin Fat Gecko adapter with two suction cups. It worked really nicely actually. This was the first time I’d really used it. You can that I’ve used it on a few difference sections of Untaymable’s car. Near the wheel, on the top, on the bonnet looking at the guys, and of course looking through the side windows for the interior shots of the car as well.

When it came to editing and grading the clip, I stuck with my normal style, but it was nice to have those really wide fisheye shots.

With the colours, I decided to use a brown or orange like gradient tint for the sky, as it was quite overcast that day, and I wanted to get rid of that boring pale grey looking sky. It worked well, and I ended up using that gradient tint over the whole video, as I liked the extra warmth. Other than that, I kept the colours quite bright, as there were plenty of colours around Newtown. Most especially the walls with the graffiti, so I figured it would be worth maintaining those bright colours. Plus, they blended well with the colour I used to tint the sky.

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