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NJE – ‘Fall Back’ hip hop music video

A few days late posting this… It’s the second hip hop music video I’ve shot and edited for NJE. The first of course being ‘Blackout’. And as I mentioned in my previous switch cameras post, I shot this video on my Canon S95. It’s actually the first music video I’ve shot using the Canon S95.

The video was shot around the back of Broadway shopping center in Sydney. Normally shooting in public like that you would need a shooting permit. I’ve personally never gone out and seeked permission to shoot at any location I’ve used for music videos. And with a pocket sized camera like the S95, I wouldn’t see the need for a shooting permit anyway. Tourists carry much larger and scarier looking cameras than this thing. Anyway, since the camera shoots at 24P and I needed the video to be 25P for when NJ gets it played on Rage, I slowed down the music track so that I could then speed up the captured video to 25P and sync the music to the original track. Hopefully that makes sense? It worked nicely. I used Cineform Neo HD to convert the 24P AVCHD mov files to 25P Cineform Avi files.

The intro was shot at a fairly well known city location. We never had permission to shoot there either of course. And I couldn’t see the need to, as it was just a bunch of guys talking about work, and another guy with a tiny camera shooting some video of them 🙂 Actually, it was quite dark there. The lights weren’t really that bright. Thankfully the Canon S95 handled that situation well enough. There was some noise, but nothing Neat Video in Sony Vegas couldn’t fix.

For the colouring, I hate to admit it, but I used a preset. I can’t remember the exact name of the plugin I used, but it’s in the Boris BCC7 collection for Sony Vegas. That’s basically about it. If you’d like to see some behind the scenes photos, Danny P who appeared in the video posted a few here a while back. Although you might need to be logged into Facebook to view them, and maybe even a friend of a friend. I can’t promise anything.

Enjoy the video, and if you’d like to post a comment, feel free to do so.

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