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Maya May ‘Butterfly Dreams’ fashion video with music by Avene

My first ever fashion video. I put this together for my sister inlaw for her Butterfly Dream collection. The first part of the video was shot at Oatley Park and the last part was shot at La Perouse. The shooting went on for pretty much the whole day, unlike a music video that can easily be done in aa couple of hours. The models had to change clothes, the photographer had to set up her shots correctly and so on.

I was basically just shooting whatever I could and getting as many shots as a could where the reflector was being used. Since I don’t use any assistants myself for any of my videos, it was nice to have someone else’s assistant ensure the models were well lit 🙂 For a lot of the shots I used my slider, and it worked a treat.

For the music I used Sony Acid. These days I always find it the quickest program to use when I want to get a track recorded quickly. Previously I’d put together another track for this video, but my wife told me it was too funky. That’s never usually a problem, but I’m glad I did end up scrapping that track, because this one is a lot better.

The video was edited in Vegas as always using Color Curves once again for most of the colour grading. For a quite a few of the shots I also tracked a lens flare to simulate a bit of extra sunlight. That worked quite well too. A few clips of video were reversed too, so those parts play forwards and backwards. You might be able to spot those towards the end of the video. This was done to make the video fit the music. I could have let the parts play longer to fit, but wasn’t happy with what the camera was doing in those longer parts.

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