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LamaQ – ‘Center of Attraction’ music video

A music video I shot and edited recently for LamaQShot in various locations, LamaQ already had the concept for the video figured out. As a result he also tracked down most of the locations. All those except for the Lamborghini shots that we found on the day we did those shots with the car.

Shot on my aging Canon HV20 and SGPro 35mm adapter. I hate to admit it, but this rig is beginning to show its age compared to a few of the newer DSLR cameras. Especially in low light situations, like most of those in this clip. We had bad luck and didn’t get any sun on the days we shot. Although I guess where the HV20 + SGPro win out, are the absence of all the artifacts that plague a lot of DSLR footage including the more extreme rolling shutter, aliasing and moire.

The club scene was done quickly, as my car was parked on a no parking space outside. I just set up one Red Head light for those shots. The white photo studio shots were done in a photo Studio in Oxford street, Darlinghurst where they already had decent lighting. The shop was at Neutral Bay with no lighting. The footage from there was actually quite dark and noisy, but I managed to clean it up using Neat Video.

Edited using Sony Vegas (no surprises there!), with lots of Neat Video used, along with a fair amount of colour grading done using Cineform First Light.. That RAW work flow! Although to be honest, it doesn’t make a huge difference compared to doing all the grading in Vegas itself.

That’s about it. Any questions, leave a comment below. If you like the video, click on the heart icon to share it.

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