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Konnected as 1 (K1) – ‘Number 1 Spot’ feat. Scrap. Music video by Avene.

Konnected as 1 (K1) – ‘Number 1 Spot’ feat. Scrap. Music video by Avene.

Apologies for taking so long to post this video. It was actually completed over a month ago, which shows how slack I’ve been with the blog here! But I’m back now.

K1 - Number 1 Sport Music Video by Avene

This is a video for a Sydney group by the name of Konnected As 1 (K1), with a guest verse by Scrap from a group called Justice Crew who are apparently really well known on tv. A few of the dancers from the group appeared also. To be honest I wasn’t familiar with either group before shooting this video. I remember watching another K1 video a year or two back on YouTube, but since I don’t watch tv, I had no idea who Justice crew were. K1 had shown me a few videos they wanted this to look like. But thankfully it came out looking a lot different.

As always, the video was shot on my Canon S95. It was shot at a studio called Dragon Image. They sell a lot of gear too. While I was there I spotted a nice 2 foot slider which, and then went back a week later and bought one. I was a big studio, but the guys couldn’t afford the overhead lighting so we just ended up using my red head lighting kit (3x 800w halogen lights). Unfortunately this wasn’t enough! In a few of the wider shots in the video featuring the dancers, you’ll see what I’m talking about. We were meant to use a smoke machine too. They had one at the studio there, but with no smoke fluid for it. I got the guys to hire out a couple of ring lights though, which I did my best to use creatively. And I like how those shots turned out.

The video was edited using Sony Vegas 10 64-bit. For the colour tweaks where I have just one colour visible, I used the free AAV Color Lab plugin which worked nicely. All I did was reduce all but the blue and red channels. A few white to transparent gradients were used for a kind of fake fog look, and Neat Video was also used to clean up any video noise. And that’s about it. Below you can see before and after shots. Nothing too extreme here.

K1 - Number one spot music video by Avene Before


K1 - Number 1 spot music video by Avene - After

Lastly below I’ve included a screenshot of the edit. Quite a few edits as you can see, but not too complex.

K1 - Number 1 spot music video by Avene Vegas video edit screenshot

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