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Kerser – ‘Old Matt’ music video

This video I shot for Kerser is a response to a track by 360 in which he dissed Kerser. A track he posted on Saturday the 10th of August. Then Kerser and Nebs got together on the Monday 2 days later and recorded this response from scratch, beats and all. I shot the video that night, edited it when I got home, and it was posted around 4:30pm the next day (Tuesday). 10 days later as I write this, it’s up to 130,000 plays on Youtube.

It was a pretty simple shoot. I just used one lens on my NEX5N, my 50mm Nikon f1.4 lens, attached via a Mitakon LensTurbo adapter. My portable 312 LED light was used, as the location was quite dark, and I had the aperture on the lens set to f2.8.

Whilst editing the video, the dog ‘woof’ sound effect felt like it needed some kind of a visual punch in, so I Photoshopped 360’s face onto a dog photo. Both photos I found on his Facebook page.

Nothing special for the colour grade, just a few simple levels adjustments and the LAB color plugin with some slight colour adjustment and desaturation.

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