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Kerser – ‘Never Change Again’ music video

Latest Kerser promo video here that I shot and edited earlier this week. This was put together quite quickly. I got the call from Kerser last Sunday night, shot it the next day in the afternoon, and then had it completed and uploaded by 4:30pm the following day. It always nice to get videos done quickly.

The video was shot down in Wollongong. Kerser had only just finished recording the track before I got there, and I’d met him outside the studio he went to there. We found a location to shoot the walking take, and then I noticed this place in the distance with smoke coming out of these big chimneys. I figured that would be an interesting spot to shoot, so we went there and grabbed a few takes around a park. Whilst there Kerser was spotted by a couple of fans, so I ended up taking a photo for each of them.

The biggest problem with shooting the clip was that it was an overcast day. This always makes it difficult to get a really nice look from the footage. If you compare this clip to the previous ‘Losing my brain’ video, you’ll see what I’m talking about. With a blue sky, those smoke shots in this video would have looked a lot nicer. But still, I’m happy with how it turned out. And sunny days can sometimes be difficult too.

Kerser - 'Never Change Again' music video

For the edit and colour grade, I didn’t really do anything too special. I probably could have made it look better, and in fact I actually wanted to motion track a fake sun into a few of the shots, but just didn’t have time. I did use a tint for the sky though, just to cover up the boring grey. And that worked well enough.

Below you’ll find a screenshot of the project in Vegas.

Kerser - 'Never Change Again' music video

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