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Hyjak ft. Blake Galera-Holliss – ‘Let Me Show You’ music video

Here’s a music video I made for Hyjak featuring Blake Galera-Holis. This one was shot on the final night of the 2014 Sydney Vivid festival. As a result, we were lucky there as many people around as there would have been a week or two earlier. It was also the first proper night shooting test for my Sony A6000 camera.

I shot the whole video with the 35mm f1.8 Sony SEL35F18 lens. To be honest, the low light performance wasn’t quite as good as I expected, but were shooting in a few really dark locations without any additional lighting.

So in editing, I ended up using a bit more noise reduction (Neat Video) than I normally would. Some shots were quite difficult to match up the lighting and colour, but it essentially turned out quite nice. There was also quite a lot of cut away footage to sort through, but I managed fit all that in too, even if for only a fraction of a second.

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