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/\\/E/\/E – Gallery added update

Just a quick note to inform any of you reading this that I have just updated my gallery. Accessed via the ‘CG ART’ button at the bottom right there.

So what’s new? Well, nothing actually, but before there were just 4 images. Now there are 18. These now include all the images I painted on my Dopod D810 mobile phone using¬† Pocket Artist software by Conduits for Windows Mobile PDA devices and phones. A great little program that works very much like Photoshop, but on a mobile phone! Very cool.

There’s also a few old 3D test renders I did in Maya years ago. Plus a few images I painted using Photoshop Elements and my old old Wacom 8×6 graphics tablet. Nothing too exciting there. Just the George Bush image, Yoda, myself etc.A few years old now. I rarely paint these things, but should do more when I get a chance.

Also, I’ve submitted this site to a few search engines, fixed up the title, description, tags etc. Although one site told me I had my keyword metatags all wrong. I’m not sure about that, or what keyword tags I should even be using? Still at PR1.. Hopefully that will change soon.

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