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Avene – The Entrance, Central Coast, Jan 25, 2010

Try not to be alarmed by the opening shot. A clear example of how cruel and inhumane fishing is. This poor shark (I think?) had been hooked, reeled in and left to die on the beach there. I don’t know why, but the end of it’s tail had been cut off too. For shark fin soup perhaps? The thought sickens me. Very sad.

The video overall uses a bunch of video clips I shot at the Entrance on the Central Coast the day before Australia day when most people should have been at work, but were taking a long weekend instead. Keep an eye out for the dancing chip and the potato scallop snatcher.

The music is another track I recorded back in 1995 off one of those old TDK D90 cassettes. Cleaned up and mastered using Izotope’s Ozone 4 plugin. And once again, shot on my little Canon Ixy 510 IS camera.

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