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Avene – ‘At The Dam’ 2012 Fix Up

This is a video I made back on July 26, 2008. It was something I put together fairly quickly. I shot all the footage on my Canon HV20 with SG Pro 35mm adapter and Nikon lenses whilst at a vegan picnic with friends. Then recorded the music using Sony Acid in less than 45 minutes, loaded the mixdown into Vegas and edited the video together. At the time I was on a bit of a roll and managed to put together a few of these videos.

Why the fix up? Well, IMO it’s still a good video, and I still like the music. So felt it deserved to be brought up to date. My original master file for this video was a 1440×1080 resolution video. The actual resolution those old HDV cameras recorded at. At the time I was using Cineform NEO HDV for capturing the video files from my HV20, which only supported that resolution too. But now I’m using GoPro Cineform Studio, I can uprez those old videos to full HD without any aliasing issues. It does a nice resize. So once I made the file full 1920×1080 HD, I then decided to try some Neat Video noise reduction on there too. A plugin I never had back in 2008. With that I’ve managed to clean up the footage quite nicely.

For the music, I decided to remaster it. I didn’t bother opening the original project, but instead made tweaks to the audio of the video file itself. It was uncompressed of course. Somehow I’ve managed to give it a nice warm bottom end and have brought out a few of the other sounds more.

The last step of the fix up process was uploading it to Vimeo. Back in 2008 I’d only uploaded a 720P version and never had a PLUS account. So the original file I’d uploaded was eventually deleted, and if people wanted to download the original high quality version, all they’d get is the heavily compressed streaming version. But now if they’re logged into Vimeo, they can download the original 1080P wmv file, and even stream it in full HD. The image quality is a lot better, and the music sounds a lot better too.

More fix ups on the way, as well as other new videos of course.

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