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Thavy Ear – ‘For Your Ears Only’ music video

Here’s the ‘For Your Ears Only’ music video I made for Thavy Ear, from her EP of the same name. The video was shot over a number of months and involved a number of reshoots, as Thavy was quite particular about what she wanted, which turned out to be a good thing for the video, even though it wasn’t my normal way of doing things.

Locations used included Erskinville, a rooftop in Surry Hills, a park in Marrickville and a few other random locations around Sydney’s inner west.

On one day of shooting, I’d actually left my camera battery at home. Quite unprofessional I know, although I ended up using the camera on my Lumia 800 phone which worked out quite nicely in the end, even its camera shot at random frame rates. It took a few tweaks, but I got it working.

Lastly, below is a screenshot of the finished project in Sony Vegas. This was from an earlier revision which still had some colour. I rendered it in colour as a Cineform avi file, and then desaturated it using the Cineform/GoPro software which altered the metadata of the video file.

As for the editing, it all went quite smoothly, apart from the usual Sony Vegas crashes every so often.

Thavy screen capture

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