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Sunrise at Shelly video, January 28, 2011

[xr_video id=”767b3e73f5a24017b8bbf6da7d668668″ size=”md”]

The sunrise video I shot at Shelly beach, at the same time as the previous 3 photos on the blog here. It was a nice morning. We left at roughly 5:20am, walked to Shelly Beach at Manly and caught the sunrise. My friend Dave who stayed over grabbed some footage, as did Lydia. We were there for a while.

As you can see at the end of the video, there’s footage of when my Canon S95 fell to the ground! It was tightly attached to the post with a Gorillapod. That will be the last time I ever attach that Gorillapod to anything! They just don’t stick. Later we kept walking, saw a couple of Eastern Water Dragons, and then later walked back to Manly past the hospital and down Darley Road. There we had breakfast at Pure Wholefoods which was quite nice.

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