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Still busy editing music videos

Time for another update here. I’ve still got a few music videos to finish. I’m working on a clip for Tycotic / Asylum 57 which has taken way longer than expected. There’s 10 MC’s in the clip, and even though their verses are short, they’ve taken a lot longer due to the fact that I’m trying to keep each one as interesting as the rest. A bit tricky for a few of these guys. The ending is looking nice also.. This clip will definitely end with a bang.

Some video tech stuff to report. I’ve been using a plugin in Vegas called Neat Video. It was a bit pricey, but does a great job. I tried some more extreme footage through it earlier. Basically some stuff I shot in the studio here with the HV20 set to TV mode with the shutter at 1/50. There’s not much light here, so anything I shoot gets lots of artificial gain added, and it’s even worse with the SG Pro permanantly attached to my camera. But Neat Video cleaned up the noise really nicely. I usually run a chain of effects. Levels first, then a colour corrector, Neat Video, and finally sharpen set to 0.100. I might think about posting a before and after clip somewhere.

That’s all for now. The big challenge is still planned. It will probably be under way around the start of June I think. Got a bit more planning there to do and another challenge I’ll be setting for myself.

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