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The Smoke Trees ‘Security!’ music video by Avene

Firstly, I’ll say that this is not a new video. I made this back in 2012. It just took the guys 4 years to release it! Although IMO, as far as the editing goes, it is still one of my best.

The artists here are Double KO and Nick Knowledge. With Nick’s younger brother also making an appearance on the couch. Apart from the intro and outro, the camera was set up on the coffee table for the whole video. So it was important that it didn’t get bumped. Although it did towards the end, but that was ok, as I already had plenty of footage.

For editing, the screen was split into 3 parts for most shots. Left, on the ground in the middle, and right. Some parts ended up being just two, and others one. I spent a LOT of time editing it, and it was pretty hectic. In a lot of shots you see two of the same guy, and in one there’s even three of Nick. Might be hard to spot, as it plays so quickly.

The most difficult part was matching up the look of the split parts. As the afternoon went on when shooting, the colour of the sunlight coming in through the window changed. So as well as editing the 3 splits, I had to match up the colour of them, and then match the lighting of those composite parts as a whole to other parts of the edit. It turned out fine though 🙂

About Avene
Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.