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For inquiries regarding any services I’ve listed here, please contact me via my contact page.

Music Video Production

The bulk of my work these days is music videos, so that is the main service I offer. I won’t go into detail here about the exact kind of work I do. Instead I suggest you view all my past video work. Although most music videos I make are hip hop based, I’m happy working in other genres too.

Video concepts or themes I generally leave to the artist to decide on. I may be able to suggest a few locations that I know of, although at the end of the day, I believe it is best for the artist to choose a theme or location they feel is best suited to their song. Leaving me free to just concentrate on making everything look good.

Attention to detail is something that’s important to me. My editing style is very rhythmical, with a lot of time spent ensuring the edits complement the music in best possible way. Colour grading and noise reduction to improve the look and quality of the video are also applied.

Currently I’m shooting with a small pocket sized Sony RX100 IV. This allows me to shoot high quality 4K footage, as well as 1080P slow motion up to 250fps. It’s a great camera to shoot with. The only downsides are that with having a smaller 1″ sensor, there’s not as much background blur or bokeh as you would get with a larger sensor camera, and it doesn’t perform in low light as well as more expensive Sony cameras such as the A7S II. Which if required, can be hired out. I may upgrade my camera later in the year if I have the budget to obtain something that can shoot 4K at 50 or 60fps.

Greenscreen shoots are also possible. Although an additional fee may be charged for compositing the footage over a background or creating backgrounds in Photoshop if a lot of work is required.


For music videos I charge $125 per song minute. So for example, a video for a 3 minute song (3 x $125) would be $375, and a video for a 4:15 minute song (4.25 x $125) would be roughly $530.

If I’m only required to shoot a video and not edit it, I charge $50/hour for a minimum of 2 hours ($100), plus a minimum call out fee of $25 if the location is outside of my area.

For editing only, my fee is $85 per song minute. In which case, to edit a 3 minute song (3 x $85) would be $255, and so on.

Terms & Conditions

Full payment is to be made on the day of shooting or beforehand for any videos I shoot and edit.

No editing will be commenced until full payment has been received. The same applies to any videos I shoot only.

No money will be refunded for any work I have completed.

One free revision will be offered per video for any changes that need to be made. Details of changes must be very specific with the start times of takes that need to be swapped out, lengthened or shortened. For example ‘remove the take at 1:07 and lengthen the take before it’ or ‘replace the take at 2:16 with the take that appears at 1:32’. For colour grade changes, be very specific also. Vague instructions allow the lines of “make it faster/slower” or “show more/less of this” are useless to me. I need to know exactly what parts to fix, and how they need to be fixed in order to avoid further complications.

Additional revisions will be charged at $50/hour. The time spent on these additional tasks can be tracked via a screen capture time lapse video as I work on them.

If a video needs to be released on a specific date, I need to be provided with a deadline to complete the video at least 3 or 4 days before then.  That will allow me time to make changes if required, as well as allow for additional rendering and uploading times.

A complete mastered version of the song and any titles or logos to be included must be provided before the video or first revision are completed.

I will not be held responsible for any issues that arise outside of my role as a cinematographer, director, editor, colourist or visual effects artist. Such issues may include the acquirement of location permits, distribution of release forms, or any legal action carried out by persons who do not wish for their image to appear in a video.

If a client wishes for their video to be distributed to television stations for broadcast purposes, a final lossless master HD copy will be provided along with the most recent Mac & Windows codecs to play the file. This can then be given to a video transfer house for conversion to Digibeta or whatever other format is required by the television station/s.


About Avene
Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.