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Sarm – ‘Who You Know’ music video

This was a fun video to shoot. Sarm invited along a bunch of guys to appear in the video including DJ 2 Buck who did the cuts on the track. Essentially we walked from Central Station and down through Chinatown shooting various takes and other footage along the way. Not the biggest distance to cover, but enough to provide plenty of footage to use in the video.

The edit took a bit longer than normal, as there was a lot happening, and I had to do my best to include all the best parts. In the end I think it worked out pretty well.

For the colours I kept it pretty simple. Mostly just levels adjustments really. I wanted to keep all the bright colours from the signs and other lights around Chinatown. Some parts got a bit noisy, so as with nearly every video I do, I used Neat Video to clean them up, and then added a bit of grain on top.

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