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Sarm – ‘I’ll Abuse You For Fun’ music video

The 4th video I’ve made for Sarm here. This one was shot during the 2013 Vivid light festival in Sydney, mostly around the Walsh Bay area. We were lucky there weren’t as many people around that area which made it easier to shoot. The most difficult part was finding somewhere to park. I thought it might be easier somewhere around Kirribilli or Milsons Point, but even around there it was crowded. So we walked across the bridge and then back again.

The editing ran smoothly on this one. With production by Nebs, and Sarm‘s vocal delivery, it’s hard to go wrong. All the edits lined up nicely, and there were interesting parts in the track for me to add a few little glitch edits here and there. Top it off with a bit of grading and some lens mist, and it came out nice.

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  • Was this with the NEX 5N too?! If so, wow!!!!!!

    • Thanks! And yes, all NEX5N. And since I’ve set myself a challenge of not buying anything new until 2015, any new videos I do over the next year or or so will continue to be shot with it.

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