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Sarm – ‘Fresher Than You’ music video

This is the first video I made for for Sarm as a solo artist, rather than performing as one half of That’s Them with Nebs. Although Nebs did produce this track.

The video was shot on rainy evening, starting around sunset and going into dark. From memory this was the first video I’d shot using my Nikon prime lenses on the Sony NEX5N. It all ran smoothly, apart from a run in with security at one of the locations. Thankfully I’d already shot what I needed before we left.

The panning shots where Sarm appears in multiple locations were done with the camera set up on an auto pan tilt tripod head. I just had him move to different spots each time it panned, and then synced up all moves in editing. I had each on a separate track, and could easily cut between them.

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