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Rates – ‘Nightmare’ music video

A nice little video I shot here for Rates, Kerser’s brother. I met up with him one morning out at Ingleburn shops, then we went to pick up a copy of the track from Nebs, and then found a spot to shot the video along the side of the train line.

I think I’d shot two or three takes here, although only two ended up in the final edit. But it was a deeper track, and the simple edit worked really well. A few of the parts I’d slowed down using Twixtor, like the intro and walking parts. They’re slightly blurry, as I think I may have only used a slower shutter speed like 1/50 second, instead of 1/100 or 1/200 as I should have. But it still came out nice.

From memory I used the Boris FX BCC7 Film Process plugin for the colour grade. I went for a sepia look, although didn’t desaturate the colours completely. If you look closely, there’s still a tiny a amount of blue in the sky.

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