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Queenscliff Bridge, a Picnik edit – From Yesterday's Walk

This is a photo I took yesterday on my walk to Manly around Queenscliff Lagoon. I’d originally tweaked the photo using Picasa, but then checked the properties of a Flickr contact’s photo that I liked which it appeared had been edited using something called Picnik. So I did a search and found the site. Picnik enables you to edit photos online using a bunch of colour tool etc. I’d grabbed this photo from Flickr straight into Picnik and then sent it back to Picnik when finished.

Apparently if you’re using the Pro version of Picnik for $24.95 a year, you can upload the photos to there, edit them and then transfer them to multiple photo accounts including Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, MySpace etc. Plus save them to your drive of course. Sounds like a great service and I’m seriously considering it, even though I’m already subscribed to Flickr’s Pro plan.

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