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Poetic – ‘Parts Where I Live’ music video

Another video I put together for Poetic. This one was mostly shot in the Two Three Two Two tattoo studio, with the remaining shots filmed around the same area. Basically Poetic’s neighbouhood.

They had a great group of friends in the stdio there who were happy to help out, giving the overall video a much more interesting look. And the shoot went really smoothly.

The only real mistake I made was not bothering to change the white balance for the indoor shots. Although in the end, I managed to make them all work together by using a sepia like colour grade over the whole video. Which I think worked out bether than I expected. Check the before and after shots below.



And lastly of course, the screenshot of the project in Sony Vegas so you can see what plugins I used etc.

Poetic - Parts Where I Live-veg - - Vegas Pro 12-0

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