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Poetic – ‘Mind Over Matter’ music video

This is a music video I made for Poetic, an up and coming 16 year old MC from Newcastle. It’s his first music video, and I gotta say, he’s definitely got some talent and should have a promising career in hip hop ahead of him.

The video was shot in Newcastle along the beach. The same location as the first music video I shot back in 2006, Jobi One’s ‘Are You With Me’. Which also happens to be the same location as another video I shot just a week before this one, LC McKenzie’s second video, which has a trickier edit that I’m still working on. So yeah, definitely a popular spot. This video was shot at night, so has a different look, and doesn’t really shot too much of the actual location anyway.

Shooting took roughly 2 hours or so. I was specifically going for a darker look here, kind of similar to a few of the Kerser promo videos I’ve shot. I was using my 312 portable LED light and tried to get a bit more creative with it. Like for one of the shots, placing it behind Poetic as a rim light, with just a little bit light from a lamp post hitting him from the side. You can see a before and after of that shot below. Then there were also a couple of shots near the rock face behind the fence that had been lit up. There’s a before and after of that shot below too. Oh, and on the camera (Sony NEX5N) I just used my LensTurbo adapter and Nikon f1.4 50mm lens.

For the colour grading, I used a combination of effects as usual. A couple of Sony Color Corrector plugins and the Boris BCC7 Film Process plugin. You can see the plugin chain in the screenshot I posted at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, that’s about it. Before and after shots below, and Vegas project screenshot below those. Any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below.

before1after1before2after2before3after3before4after4Mind Over Matter-veg - - Vegas Pro 12-0

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