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Peque – Graffiti video for MTN Australia

Another video here that I shot for MTN Australia featuring a very talented artist by the name of Peque. He was originally from Mexico, but now lives in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. From memory, he’s actually managed to complete this in a shorter amount of time than the other artists I’d shot at the MTN Australia HQ on the VIP wall there.

For the video, I didn’t really do anything special. I used my normal lenses on the Sony NEX5N including my Nikons and the Sony 16mm f2.8 wide angle. I also used my little slider on the tripod. I just tried to keep it as interesting as possible.

The lighting is always a bit difficult in that space, so I had to do a bit more work as normal to match up all the colours, brightness levels etc. But overall it came out really nice. I tried to display as much of Peque’s technique as I could. Although he does make it look simple, and uses the standard caps on the cans of paint, rather than using special fine tip caps or anything like that.

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