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Avene – Damaged (Everyday #35)

Avene - Damaged

A crazy upside down driving music video, where Sydney looks like a scene from Bladerunner, a girl crosses the street in time to the beat, and the reason for the title is not revealed until the very end. But in quite a stunning way. Turn up your speakers,… Continue reading

Avene – Overlord (Everyday #34)

Avene - Overlord

That time of the week for another train ride video. Still from my France footage here. And then eventually I'll get onto the Wales footage, Belgium, and even some old Holland footage from 2006. Which from memory is actually really good. Keeping it simple with the edits here… Continue reading

Avene – Under Rated (Everyday #33)

Avene - Under Rated

For this track I deciding to shoot some fast driving footage. The maximum speed increase you get in Sony Vegas is 4X. So that meant I had to be driving for at least 4 times the length of the song. Which meant maybe 15 minutes. So I decided… Continue reading

Avene – Back To You (Everyday #32)

Avene - Back To You

A new month, a new aspect ratio for my videos. For June I've decided to go for the wider cinema look for the videos. In the past, my video like this would have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, but now I'm going for 2.4:1, which is still a… Continue reading

Kerser – All I See (music video)

Kerser - All I See (music video)

Here's a new video I made for Kerser. This was done fairly quickly. I only shot it 4 nights ago, and didn't have a lot of time to edit it since then. But I'm really happy with how this turned out. It took me over 2 hours to… Continue reading

Avene – The Magic Tempo (Everyday #31)

Avene - The Magic Tempo

Really late again here. I didn't get a chance to finish this last night, as I had to finish a new video for Kerser. But as they say, better late than never. This video also marks the completion of one whole month of everyday music video. True, not… Continue reading

Avene – The Rollback (Everyday #30)

Avene - The Rollback

A really simple track and video here today. More footage from Rome. This was from a day trip where we walked to the Vatican. I'm not Catholic or anything, but it was an interesting place. All shot on my old Sony NEX5N. Funny thing is, all the footage… Continue reading

Avene – Straight On (Everyday #29)

Avene - Straight On

Just a quick one here. Really rough too! One of those everyday tracks that I just didn't have the time to finesse. Some old footage from Waikiki too. Just blending different layers. I've done this before, but kind of more random this time.

Avene – On And On (Everyday #28)

Avene - On And On

Woah, I'm really late with this one. I fell asleep whilst working on it! And then it eventually took a few attempts to render, the last taking quite a long time. I just wanted to make sure I got the look I was after. Anyway, just as I'm… Continue reading

Avene – Vibe On (Everyday #26)

Avene - Vibe On (how not to make chai tea)

Here's something a bit different. The video footage for this clip I shot back in 2008. It was me attempting to make some chai tea.. But it tasted like crap! Probably because of the dodgy soy milk, and because I let it boil. The white balance of the… Continue reading

Avene – Wildlife (Everyday #25)

Avene - Wildlife

Just a quick one today. I can't remember when I shot this footage, or even what camera I used. Can't remember if it was the NEX5N or A6000 to be honest. I'd have to check the date of the footage.. No big deal though. These are the birds… Continue reading

Avene – The Day Is Fine (Everyday #24)

Avene - The Day Is Fine

Something I put together fairly quickly here, since the last video took so much longer than normal. What we've got here is some old footage from our visit to Rome in 2013, and an even older music idea I'd thrown together in Garageband on the iPad back in… Continue reading

Avene – Your Time Is Up (Everyday #23)

Avene - Your Time Is Up - Vivid Sydney Chatswood 2015

Ok, I'm really late with this one. I managed to shoot, edit and record the music for this on day #23, but mixing, mastering, and adding final tweaks to the video took a bit longer! Anyway, we went to Chatswood last night to check the 2015 Vivid Sydney… Continue reading

Avene – LLL (Everyday #22)

Avene - LLL

Extremely late here.. This video is essentially a remake of my old North Head Sunrise video from 2008. I really wanted to do it very much like the original, but stupid me, I forgot to take the tripod along. So it's all handheld, but some shots have been… Continue reading

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