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NJE Timeline

NJE Timeline

This is what my music video edits usually end up looking like by the time I’ve finished editing them.

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  • No, I just use the ‘view on external monitor’ button whilst editing to see how the edit looks full screen on the same monitor. For how I work that’s perfect! Besides I wouldn’t have anywhere to put a second monitor. Here’s a photo I just took of the studio. I’ve had my eye on the Acer 27″ 2k monitor (2048×1152 resolution), although I don’t want to put too much space between the speakers or I’ll lose the accurate stereo imaging.

    By the way, the original screen capture here is on my Flickr page (link on right). That video is finished, but the guy’s waiting a few weeks before posting it.

    Also, I need one of those capcha things here like you have, is that a WordPress plugin?

  • Yeah, music videos are always a mess. Do you have a secondary monitor btw? To me, it’s the most valuable tool to watch your videos at 1:1 size while editing.

  • Wow. That is impressive. I am just starting to get familiar with Sony Vegas (trial version) and can’t imagine creating anything like that. Looks very complicated.

    Just found your site and been checking it frequently to see what you can do with the Canon S95. That sure is a neat little camera. And you sure know how to get the most out of it.

    Nice work.


    • Thanks Scott! That NJE video was shot on the HV20 with the SG Pro 35mm adapter. I used to get a nice look from that rig, but occasionally found that certain key shots would sometimes out of focus. Thankfully with the S95, I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll see if I can post an article tonight about the video I shot at night, that I’d mentioned in this post. Just attempting to finish a couple of other overdue videos first.

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