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NJE – ‘Super Hero Theme Music’ music video

A new NJE video here. This was shot around Chinatown in the city, and was a fun video to shoot with 4 extras dressed in crazy costumes and DJ Riley on the cuts. I shot the whole thing with the Mitakon Lensturbo, my 50mm f1.4 Nikon lens and cheap fisheye adapter. Which explains the chromatic abberation around the edges. I think I’ll definitely get the proper Sony fisheye adapter for any future clips I use a fisheye for. Oh, and this was one of the last videos I shot with the NEX5N too.

The edit for the video took slightly longer than normal, as there were a few extra cut away shots. But as always, it went pretty smoothly.

For the colour grade, I kept it colourful. Essentially to enhance that colourful Chinatown look with all the colourful lights. Screenshot of the project below.

NJE - Super Hero Theme Music Backup-veg - - Vegas Pro 12-0

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