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NJE – ‘I Remember’ music video

My 4th music video for NJE. This one turned out really nice. Most of the video was shot at Bondi Beach. We met a few cool people that day, and it ended up being quite a fun shoot. Doel sure made it entertaining. And not to mention DJ Riley who rocked up towards the end and managed to find a power socket to hook up his system to, and played a bunch of jams right outside the Bondi Icebergs club.

There were also a few shots from my house here. NJE came over with Untaymable whose son we managed to get a few shots of around the house here. Then I grabbed a few shots of the guys at the beach down the road, and also grabbed a take of NJE sitting down.

For that sitting down take, I managed to composite in a few television sets playing a few of the videos games he mentions in the lyrics. These were downloaded off YouTube. Since the TV sets were a bit tricky to composite into the scene, I grabbed a still frame from the shot, emailed it to myself, opened it up on my iPad, and painted a few of the details for that shot including the shadows, all by hand using the Procreate app. And it worked it quite well. I even extended the skirting board and covered up our big plant that was originally in the shot.


The editing took a bit longer than expected. There were a few shots I kept going back to. But thankfully colour grading it was simple enough, as the whole video was black and white. Although I still used a slight tint, as I had done with Double KO’s track.

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