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Nihilist – ‘Bye’ music video

My first music video for Nihilist from the Sub C label here in Sydney. It was Jett Scepaz who got in touch and organised this. They’d decided it would be a good idea to shoot it on Cockatoo Island around sunset. So I caught a ferry there from Circular Quay, and the guys got on at Balmain. Apparently you’re not supposed to shoot anything on the island there, but but being just one guy with a camera smaller than the usual DSLR most tourists carry around, I didn’t see it being a problem.

For the walking shots I used the 16mm lens on my NEX5N, whilst walking backwards with the music playing from my Nokia Play 360 speaker in my bag hanging over my shoulder. Thankfully for the tunnel shots, there was enough light to make those work. Even with the camera on an f2.8 aperture. Overall, it all went really smoothly. I got a large enough variety of shots and managed to edit it quite quickly. Well, within a few days. The guys really liked how it turned out too.

For the colour grade, I used something a bit different. A NewBlue FX tint or film look plugin if my memory serves me correctly. It just seemed to work really nicely with the footage.

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