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Music Video Terms & Conditions, Effective August 10, 2010

  • Below are the terms and conditions for any music video work I undertake.
  • For videos with an agreed fee of less than $800, full payment is to be made on the day of shooting or before. For videos totalling $800 or more, a minimum deposit of $500 must be paid on the day of shooting or before, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of the project.
  • Under special circumstances I may agree to a deferred payment, providing a minimum 50% is paid, but for pre-existing clients only.
  • Previews of videos that have not been paid for in full will be embedded with a watermark image of my logo until full payment has been made.
  • No videos or footage will be released until full payment has been made.
  • Completion time will vary depending upon the amount of previous work I have to complete at any given time. In some cases this may be a day or two, a week, or maybe longer.
  • For urgent videos that need to be completed by a specific date, all attempts will be made to complete the video by that date, providing that I have been supplied with all materials required to do so. These may include a final mastered version of the song, a list of specific shot requirements, or artist logos.
  • Refunds will not be provided for any work that has been completed.
  • One revision will be offered on all videos at no cost. This will enable me to fix any issues a client may not be happy with, such as edits, a colour grade or visual effects.
  • Any additional revisions will incur an additional fee based on the amount of work required.
  • I will not be held responsible any issues that arise outside of my role as a cinematographer, director, editor, colourist or visual effects artist. Such issues may include the acquirement of location permits, distribution of release forms, or any legal action carried out by persons who do not wish for their image to appear in a video.
  • If a client wishes for their video to be distributed to television stations for broadcast purposes, a final lossless master HD copy will be provided on a data DVD, along with the most recent Mac & Windows codecs to play the file. This can then be given to a video transfer house for conversion to Digibeta or whatever other format is required by the television station/s.

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