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Mr Zux – Can Never Be Me music video

I just completed this music video for Mr Zux the other day. Apart from one shot, it was all filmed in a day mostly around the backyard of his old place. Shot on a Canon HV20 with an SG Pro 35mm adapter and a Nikon f/1.4 50mm lens. Edited in Sony Vegas with with additional compositing done in Commotion Pro 4.1.

Matte Paintings were created using an old copy of Photoshop Elements 5 with a few old photos mashed together.

If you like the music, be sure to visit Mr Zux at ,myspace.com/mrzu, or youtube.com/mrzux

Mr Zux - 'Can Never Be Me' music video

View more images from the music video in the gallery below including a couple of behind the scenes backyard bluescreen shots.

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