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Mr Zux – ‘You Can Be Anything’ feat DJ KiMani, music video by Avene

Yet another Mr Zux video here. This time featuring Zux Junior and DJ Kimani. The video was actually shot on the same day as the NJE 'Raw like chips' video. Another video Zux appears in, as he produced that track. We shot this one in the morning, and then NJE's video in the afternoon.


The locations for this video were chosen by Zux. Essentially a couple of parks not too far from where he lives that he passes every so often. Places that Zux Junior could have a run around. As a result, it was fun to shoot. I used my reflector for a few shots, which helped a lot due to the bright daylight sun.

Kimani didn't have any decks with him, but I managed to find a disc shaped monument thing, and that worked well enough as a fake turntable!

One of the shots I did with the music playing at half the speed so I could speed it up for the final edit. That worked well enough,except there was a lot of movement due to Zux Junior being all over the place. But the parts I used worked quite nicely.

For the colour grade I actually used the same color curves preset I had saved from the Kerser video. You probably wouldn't pick it though. A few before and after shots can be found below.

Lastly a few fake lens flares were added and trackedusing the Boris BCC7 lens flare plugin. Before and after shots, along with a screen shot of the Vegas project appear below.



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