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Mr Zux – ‘Pay Attention’ music video ft. DJ Ki Mani by Avene

A music video shot in roughly an hour + scratching shots.

This hip hop music video by Mr Zux was shot last Sunday, July 11, 2010 using my little Canon Ixy 510 IS pocket camera. The whole video was shot in Manly, except for the scratching parts. I did the editing on Monday night which took a bit less than 12 hours. Colour graded a day or so later using most New Blue FX plugins.

The interesting part is that Mr Zux only finished recording the vocals for the track at my studio less than an hour before we shot the video! The truth is, he didn’t even have time to learn the lyrics before recording it.

DJ Ki Mani came over, and was talked into adding some cuts to the track. I shot some video of him scratching that same day, but at that point there was no scratching even in the track. He came back the next day with his mixer, cartridge and vinyl to lay down the cuts. So yeah, that was recorded on the Monday after the video was shot! I sent Zux the wav file of the cuts, he mixed the track, then sent back two finished mixes that same night and then finished the editing around 5am in the morning. I actually requested a second mix. There were some harmony parts in the first he trimmed back for the second mix..

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