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Mr Zux – ‘He Is Back’ music video

The most ellaborate Mr Zux video to date. This one I started working on back in early 2010. In this video I have him flying around a 3D animated city.

This video excluding Zenya’s parts was shot entirely on blue screen in my downstairs living room area. The aerial shots also, which I shot from upstairs. It was all shot on my old Canon HV20 with the camera tilted vertically to allow for higher resolution takes.

The city in the background was done using Alias Maya 5, which I’ve been using since before the Alias were bought out by Autodesk. Quite old now, but still works well. The city I downloaded from a 3d models website. I modified it slightly, just changing the textures.

Mr Zux - He Is Back

All the compositing was done in Sony Vegas on the edit timeline. It was quite a long process. I had pre-keyed the bluescreen parts. Actually, I removed the noise from all the bluescreen footage first using Neat Video, creating new fies for each clip. I then keyed those clips individually and saved them as 4:4:4 16 bit Cineform avi files with alpha channels. This was to make the editing and compositing simpler, except the 16 bit files slowed down the computer quite a lot.

On average, there would be around 4 composite layers. 3 layers of Mr Zux flying around and the background. For the flying parts I edited the pan crop for each layer of him flying. Normally I would animate these so that the guys at the back would fly towards the camera or away from it.

The video footage on the walls was added to the 3D city. I had previously rendered those clips from Vegas as image sequences that Maya would load.

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