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Mistery – Graffiti video for MTN Australia

This was the first video I shot for Montana Colors Australia, featuring an old friend of mine, Mistery. I’ve known Mistery for many years. Back in 1994 when I had my studio in the shed in the backyard, his group Brethren which also included Wizdm, were my first ever paying clients. I recorded a 4 song demo tape for them, and later a couple of other releases.

This particular video was shot out at the MTN warehouse on the VIP artist wall. This video was actually made to promote his special edition can that MTN had released.

mistery wall

As for the details behind the video. Nothing too exciting here. It was a long day shoot. And the edit took me a while. When I did this I still hadn’t really got my head around the best way of editing together loads of graf footage. But I’ve eventually got it working by continually trimming parts until the video fit the length of the song. Which also happens to be one of Mistery’s own tracks.

Anyway, it turned out quite nice, including the edits. The colour grade I kept simple, essentially so the colours in the artwork would look as they did in real life.

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