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Mesar – ‘Life Of Us’ music video

This is a fairly quick music video I put together for an MC by the name of Mesar from Sydney’s south west. It’s funny, as someone who hasn’t drunk alcohol in over 22 years, has never done drugs or smoked anything, and doesn’t even swear, I seem to find myself making more and more music videos that incorporate all these elements! And this video is a good example 🙂

Although this music video was essentially only on the other side of Sydney, it took me over 3 hours to get there! Yes, it was peak hour, I was driving on a busy freeway, there was roadwork along the way, and what caused the most delay was a truck that had broken down and blocked the exit to where I needed to get to. All good though, as the video got done.

As for the shoot, I had my camera set to 25P. Normally I shoot at 50P, but since 25P uses a higher bit rate I thought it might improve the image quality. Something I’ve never really tested before. As it turned out though, it didn’t really make any difference. So at the end of the day with these Sony AVCHD cameras, it doesn’t really seem worth giving up the freedom of shooting at a frame rate enabling slow motion to be used for the footage.

The colour grading was quite simple too. I used a color corrector and lab adjust plug ins in Vegas.

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