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MC Kean – ‘Memoirs’ music video by Avene

This video was shot during the Sydney Vivid Light Festival which took place around the middle of June, 2011. Although It’s an annual event now. This year it was around Circular Quay and the Rocks area. Last year, they used historic buildings in Macquarie street. Anyway, we didn’t get to Circular Quay until later in the evening, by which time many of the lights had been switched off. A few of those I managed to shoot a few nights earlier. The rest of the footage was shot around Darling Harbour.

MC Kean - Memoirs music video

I was really putting my Canon S95 to the test here with many of these locations being quite dark areas which caused the camera to drop the shutter speed to around 1/25 or 1/30. I can’t recall the exact shutter speed, but something close to that. I did take along my portable LED light for some of the shots too. It worked alright, but I found it difficult to match that to the location lighting. I’m not exactly sure what colour temperature those orange coloured lights are. A lot of the time the lights around them don’t match up either.

The edit was a bit trickier than normal due to the long instrumental parts. I didn’t exactly shoot enough footage on the night to cover all those parts, but thankfully I had that footage I’d shot a couple of nights earlier that I ended up using.

Below are a few before and after shots, along with a screenshot of the edit.

Before 1 - MC Kean -  MemoirsBefore Image 1

MC Kean - Memoirs - After Image 1After Image 1

In these shots you can see that there wasn’t as much light available. The camera was most probably forced into shooting at a shutter speed of 1/25 second for a lot of the video.

MC Kean - Memoirs - Before Image 2Before Image 2

MC Kean - Memoirs - After Image 2After Image 2

With the colour grading, you can see here I’ve used colour curves for the whole video.

MC Kean - Memoirs - Before Image 3Before Image 3

MC Kean - Memoirs - After Image 3After Image 3

Lastly, below I have included a screenshot of the entire project in Vegas 10.

MC Kean - Memoirs screenshot

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