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Maya May Transseasonal & Christmas videos

Two fashion videos I recorded the music for and made for my sister in law Maya’s label, Maya May. These were both shot during a photo shoot at a photography studio in Alexandria.

For these videos I didn’t take along my red head lights, as I knew they’d be a bit too harsh. Plus the studio had their own lighting which I thought would be good, and knew that I’d have time to shoot this after the photographers were finished. But at that time the photographers were doing close up shots, and left me with just one big soft light to work with. Thankfully that one light did the job nicely, providing enough light for me to shoot with the little Canon S95.

The Christmas video was to be released around Christmas, obviously. Maya wanted some Christmas music and suggested Jingle Bells. Anyway, I found a recording of a choir singing it on which I was free to use. I added a few parts to it, and my wife Lydia helped with the chords. It still sounded too happy for me. But I was messing around and came up with a bassline ‘I thought’ worked well with it, and then some synth parts, and the beat was flowing.. Yeah, that worked! But I got in trouble with Lydia for not matching the Jingle Bells melody. In retrospect, if I had Melodyne then, I would have used that to change the Jingle Bells melody itsef.

For the other video above the Christmas video on this page, I recorded the music using Garageband on my iPad, exporting the individual tracks and then mixing those in Vegas. I quite like how that one turned out.

For both videos, the music was recorded and mixed within the same Vegas projects as the video. As you can see in the screenshots below, there are audio parts for all the music tracks, as well as titles and the video parts.

The colour grading on that video though was just a Look preset in the Cineform Firstlight program, which altered the colour of all the individual video clips, separate from Sony Vegas. So there will be no before and after shots for that video, since both the before and after are the same, as those colour preset is embedded in the file as metadata.

Below is a screenshot of the edit for the transseasonal video.

Maya May Christmas & January 2012 videos

Below is a screenshot of the edit for the. Christmas video.

Maya May Christmas & January 2012 videos

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