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Marlow ‘Life On Repeat’ (Victor Y Remix) music video by Avene

A music video I made here for the Victor Y remix of Marlow’s Life On Repeat track. A video featuring Blake Galera-Holliss, the vocalist from Marlow.

This was shot in the Blue Mountains. Mostly around Katoomba, but with some shots at the Wentworth Falls lake as well. Victor Y drove Blake and myself there to shoot all the footage. It was a foggy rainy day, which was perfect for this clip.

This also happened to one of the first videos I shot on my Sony RX100 IV in 4K, and I wanted to try some slow motion. And as visible in the video, there were a few of these shots.

For the editing, Blake came over to my studio and let me know where he wanted all the parts to play in the video. Essentially basically timing references that I could edit to later. The editing turned out to be a bit tricky in a way, as it’s such a long track. Most videos I do are normally half the length of this or shorter. As a result, I ended up using pretty much every clip I had.

For the colour grade, Blake had a photo with a look and colours he liked. I managed to match the grassy field shots to that, and then matched up the rest of the shots to that also. The best I could considering the other shots looked so different.

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