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A video with music I started earlier this year but just completed. The footage is from Dobroyd Point in Sydney overlooking the entrance to Sydney Harbour. This was shot whilst shooting footage for my wife Lydia’s ‘Shimmers’ video from a bit over a year ago. So it’s taken me that long to get this video done!

The music and video were all done in Vegas 9. Enjoy!

3 Responses to Magpies

  • How were you able to get some of this footage? Ex// 1:38 // 1:40. I also am curious how you were able to get that blur effect as the bird leaves the puddle 1:11 ex. I use adobe premiere pro cs5, but I am in the learning stages at the moment.

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for the comment! Actually, both those shots you mentioned were done in a separate program called Motion Perfect for the slow motion effect. The one at 1:11 I processed a few times to make it really slow, but it also looks a bit messy. I’m planning to buy the Twixtor plugin sometime which should do a better job. You can get this for Premiere CS too.

  • HEy Avene thanks for the quick response. With some fiddling I was able to accomplish some of these effects that you have shown. I never thought to slow a clip down and then drop it back in to slow it down some more. I do have one more question, but I believe this is just random. I have seen quick a few videos made using a sort of heart beat effect to a clip. Do you have any idea how they may accomplish this, or is this something done in after effects. I am in the process of learning that program also. I was looking into Twixtor, doesn’t seem like there are much cheap versions to this plugin.

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