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KP Records Cypher 2016 (Big Dave, Kyle Wilkins, Kitty B) music video by Avene

Another music video for KP Records where I got to drive down to Canberra to shoot. I always enjoy the drive down there.

For this music video, Dave had a friend Derek who brought along his 2 drones. He had the DJi Inspire and the Phantom 4, which at the time he’d only had for less than a week or two. Officially the first video I’ve made with drone footage, and the footage looked great. The rest I shot on the RX100 IV, utilising a tele convertor for some shots. Which made the edges look slightly blurry, but it was fine. And the location was a futuristic office complex from the 70s that the locals call the Space ship.

Editing went well. Although the drone footage was a bit bit tricky to fit in, as it was a different frame rate at 30P (I work at 25P), and there was no flat film profile used for the footage, so it looked a lot more contrasty than the S-LOG 2 stuff I’d shot on the Sony. Thankfully I managed to match it up alright. And for the final look, I added a LUT from the GoPro Studio Premium software I also used to encode the MP4 file to upload.

That same day, I shot another video there for Kyle, which also featured his sister Maizyn on the chorus. That will be released soon.

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