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KGB – Graffiti Video for MTN with music by Avene

Another video I did here for Montana Colors Australia. This one was to promote their new range of Hardcore 2 cans. Since the cans are high pressure, they’re more suited to any applications such as bombing or painting trains, where the paint can be sprayed a lot quicker. At least I’m pretty certain that’s how it works 🙂

So for this video, a few guys from a Sydney crew KGB came in to demonstrate the cans. I shot this out at Casula. The guys actually work really quickly and managed to cover the whole wall within a couple of hours.

I did the beats for this video also. Since it was a promotion for Hardcore 2, that’s what I called the track, and used a Tim Dog vocal sample from his track Hardcore which I remembered from the 90s.


For the colour grade on this one, I kept it simple. I’d tried a few different tints and things, but couldn’t find anything that really looked that nice. It’s just difficult making footage shot on overcast days look good.

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