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Kerser ‘Watch Me Get Em’ ft. Nebs, music video by Avene

A video I shot and edited for Kerser in 2011. As I write this, the video has already had over 150,000 plays on YouTube, on Kerser's and my channel combined. The track was produced by Nebs who also appears in the video. I picked up the guys early in the morning and we started shooting at McQuarie Fields station. From there we caught a train to Campbelltown, shot a bunch of shots along the way and then caught the train back again. I never realised how well known Kerser really is until a guy at Campbelltown station recognised him and later asked to get a photo with him.

Whilst at Campbelltown station, I also got in trouble there shooting the take where the horn blows with the guys looking out over the train at the back. Of course I'd shot this on the tiny Canon S95, so I can't see how it would have looked suspicious, but the lady collecting tickets stopped me afterwards I asked me what I was taking a photo of. This caught me by surprise and I just said “The train”? Apparently you're not allowed to take photos of the trains. I don't know what that's all about?

Following on from there we went to a deserted house that Nebs knew about. I thought it would be pretty disgusting with squatters and a strong urine smell, but it was quite tidy actually. Apart from a few holes in the walls etc. It was there I decided to shoot the double speed shots. A simple technique where you have the music playing at half the speed. It was a popular technique 10 or so years ago in a lot of music videos for artists such as Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, and even people such as Tori Amos for one of her videos.

Syncing everything up in Vegas wasn't too difficult. Even the double speed parts which I would just time compress to match the original speed. With this video I actually had a lot more footage than I could fit in. A lot of the double speed parts I would use because they looked the best, but using those meant less space for everything else. You'll notice some parts like the shot of a security camera that only play for a fraction of a second. In earlier edits some of the other main takes played for longer, but I had to trim those back also. Still, I'm happy with how it turned out, and all those additional edits and cuts do help.

For colouring the video in Vegas, I used Color Curves, and may have used the Boris BCC7 Film Process plugin also. Oh, and I also used the AAV Color Lab plugin too. That was used to brighten and remove some of the red from their faces in a number of the shots around the house. It worked nicely. For anyone trying to use that plugin in Vegas 64 bit, be sure to use the 64 bit version of the plugin. I've heard of people having trouble using that plugin, but have never had any issues at all with it myself.

Below are a few before and after shots.

In this first one, you can see how much the original looks like video. Mostly due to the colours.
Kerser - 'Watch Me Get' music video - before 1

But in the after shot, you can see the difference. In their faces especially. Here I've used the AAV Color Lab plugin in Vegas to brighten their faces. There's also the curves plugin and a Neat Video, which are used for the entire video.
Kerser - 'Watch Me get em' music video - After 1

Here's the second 'before' example below. Again you can see the bright red in his face. A real video look, even though I used flat image camera settings.
Kerser - 'Watch me get em' music video - Before 2

And once again, you can see how much better the 'after' shot below looks. I managed to get a slight bit of background blur in this shot too by zooming in.
Kerser - 'Watch me get em' music video - After 2

Here's the 3rd, one of the train shots. You can see how bland this 'before' shot looks. The colours don't make it look that interesting.
Kerser - 'Watch me get em' music video - Before 3

The 'After' shot below of course looks better again. More contrast, less noise etc.
Kerser - 'Watch me get em' music video - After 3

And lastly, below I've included a screenshot of the project.
Kerser - Watch me get em music video by Avene


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