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Kerser – ‘Losing My Brain’ music video

A refreshing cyan blue coloured video here for a change. As of writing this, Kerser’s latest promo music video that I shot just last week. The weather was quite hot when I shot this. It had been overcast for most of the day, but thankfully the sun came out for the video. Half the video was shot with a lake in the background, as of course you can see, which worked quite nicely.

The biggest problem I had editing this video was the cicadas screeching in the bush around where the video was shot. They were so loud, I could barely hear the music playing in the location audio, which made it difficult to sync up. Normally I can look at the waveforms and line them up, but I could only see what looked like white noise.

The edit went smoothly, although I ended up spending a bit more time on the colour grade. You can see the before and after shots below, along with a screenshot of the project at the bottom which shows all the plugins I used for the colour grade. The AAV and fill light plugins were used to brighten his face a bit more. Levels adjustments as always, were also made to all the individual clips.

Something new I did here was composite some lens flare effects over the top. You can see those in the top track of the screenshot.

Kerser - 'Losing My Brain' music videoKerser - 'Losing My Brain' music videoKerser - 'Losing My Brain' music videoKerser - 'Losing My Brain' music video

One thing you can’t see in the screenshot below is the film grain I added to the overall output. I used Boris FX’s BCC7 film grain plugin with the default preset, but with the grain amount adjusted.

Kerser - 'Losing My Brain' music video

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