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June 2017 Music Video Deal

Greetings all. I’m offering a big discount on music videos until the end of June. I guess you could call this an end of financial year sale?

So here’s the deal, music videos for songs of a maximum length up to 3:30 minutes for $275.

Nothing too complicated. I’ll be happy to shoot for up to around 3 hours, which is usually plenty of time. Location/s ideally close together within the Sydney Metropolitan area. If you’re out of town, in Canberra or Newcastle perhaps, additional travel expenses will be charged separately depending on the distance. Videos can be shot at any time. Completion time could be up to a month depending on how many other jobs I have to complete, although if you have a specific deadline, I can work with that. Videos will be shot and edited in 4K for maximum quality. I will also include a thumbnail image, and smaller Instagram versions if required.

All payments to be made via the ‘BUY NOW’ button on this page only. From now on, even after this month, I will only be accepting payments via this website. So no more cash payments on the day of shooting or bank transfers.

I’ve made this decision for a number of reasons. Firstly, an advanced payment may provide me with the funds to purchase specific gear before shooting, like new lights perhaps that could enhance the look of a video. It is also essentially the same process as buying a product online. You pay upfront, and the product gets delivered a week or two later. With the transaction being handle online, the client automatically receives a receipt for tax purposes, which I’m usually really slow at doing. Plus, it also lets me know that an artist is serious about having a video made, rather than booking a time to shoot, and then cancelling just before shooting. Which can be frustrating at times. And lastly, it means I will no longer have a reason to be procrastinating on editing a video whilst waiting to be paid via a bank transfer.

All payments are being handled by PayPal.

All other terms as per those on my services page. Which I will be updating soon.

Upon booking a video to be shot via the button below, you will be redirected to a payment confirmation page, and I will then contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details.

Book a music video (or more) to be made for $275. Expires end of June.

Select The Video Song Length From The Drop Down Menu

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