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Jay UF – ‘Gonna See’ music video

Ok, this was a quick video I shot and edited for Jay UF. Much like most of Kerser‘s videos, this one was shot at night, and around Jay’s area too. And everything ran smoothly. The location was quite dark, so I used my 312 LED light once again, which was set up on my camera tripod. And the lens I used was my little f1.7 35mm CCTV lens. It’s funny, the next day after I shot this, my LensTurbo adapter was delivered. If I already that when I shot this video, I would have used it with my 50mm lens. But not to worry, as I’m more than happy with the results I got from the little CCTV lens. The lights in the background brought out a few nice flares.

The editing went smoothly too, but of course it’s a nice track with a catchy chorus, so it was enjoyable to work to. Even more so with the tweaks Nebs made to the levels, and the vocal mix. But yeah, the edits were fairly simple, although I timestretched the start and end parts to smooth things out a bit. And as always that worked out really well.

Enjoy the clip!

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