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Illergic – ‘Get On Down’ music video

Illergic - Get On Down
This was a fun video to shoot and edit. The day of shooting started when I met up with Illergic and DJ K-Works at Luna Park. We shot a number of takes around there, but stayed out of the park itself, as I know you're not allowed to shoot there. I had a recording of the music playing at half speed for all the fast moving shots. We did a couple of those around there. And of course the video was shot on my old Canon S95.

The best part was when we were shooting outside Luna Park and a couple of girls dressed in red on stilts saw us and came out dancing as we were shoot. It was a real bonus for the video. We thanked them and they then went back to work inside.

After a few more takes under the bridge, we then left to shoot the rest at Illergic's place in the car port area of where he was living at the time. Quite a few people turned up including a number of well identities from the Sydney hip hop scene. We shot a number of different takes around there, including one in the local corner store with all the guys chanting. There just happened to be a guy in the shop buying his groceries who didn't know what was going on, but he was happy to make an appearance. You'll see him around the bottom right of that shot.

For the turntable shots I had the Canon S95 set up on my little slider. Speedy quick slides worked really well there. And since the camera had a CCD sensor, there we no concerns about there being any rolling shutter issues. You can even see the slider set up in front of the decks in a few of the wider shots.

The white balance in that space was a bit tricky due to the warm lights inside and the blue daylight tones from outside. But overall it worked out pretty well.

For this video, I used Cineform First Light for all the colour grading. Illergic wanted the video to look colourful. I was trying to give it more of a Transformers movie look, although it ended up with more of a green tint, which I think worked out nicely. Everybody I've spoken to who has seen the video likes it, so yeah, pretty happy there.

For the editing I didn't do anything special. Just my usual style edits, but with all those double speed parts included of course. There's a screenshot of the edit below as an example of how complex the edit looked at the end.
Illergic - Get On Down


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