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Illergic feat. DJ – K-Works – ‘Ready Aim Fire’ music video

This video I did for Illergic was shot on the same day as the DJ K-Works video, who also appears in this video. I shot both his turntable parts for each video together in quiet section of the Broadway car park.

Illergic’s takes were shot on the sand dunes at Cronulla as it started raining, the studio shots in DJ Maniac’s old studio, and the ghettoblaster parts were shot on greenscreen in my living room. Which I think are the only chromakey shots I’ve filmed on my NEX5N.

All the editing and compositing of the greenscreen shots of Illergic were done in Sony Vegas. I spent a fair amount of time on it actually, ensuring the edit was tight. For the K-Works parts, I added a few extra tweaks to the cuts.

Colour grading was a little bit tricky too. Just matching the skin tones of the greenscreen shots with the stereo at the back to everything else. But after a while, I eventually ended up with a result that I was quite happy with. I was worried the sand dune shots may not work too well with the rest of the shots that are a bit darker, but thankfully they do.

Oh, and one thing I did do, was change the colours of the ghettoblaster at the back of the greenscreen shots to the colours of Illergic’s favourite team, Parramatta.

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