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Hyjak ft. Big Hustle – Out Of Luck (music video)

A video I made here for Hyjak featuring Big Hustle. This was an afternoon into evening shoot, start at the Skateboard ramps out out…. Sorry, forgot the suburb.. But yeah, we shot the first part there, and then shot the rest at a girl’s party closer to the city. The original plan wasn’t to split the clip into two parts. I ended up deciding on that afterwards, but it worked out really well. Gives the video a little bit of a storyline.

Click here to view this video on Hyjak’s YouTube channel.

The grading was a bit tricky. I always find shots with green grass and bright blue skies difficult. I made a few tweaks in Vegas, but finished it off by adding an LUT and making a few adjustments to the actual [Cineform] video file using their GoPro studio software. Basically, you can use that to tweak the metadata. So the workflow is very much like working with RAW files. I don’t do this often though.

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