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Harjot Singh – ‘Peekaboo’ music video

Something new here, a video I made for Harjot Singh, another up and coming Sydney based hip hop artist. Harjot already has quite a following on YouTube and has made various music videos before, so I was sure to make this a bit different from the rest.

For the first part of the video, he wanted to be locked in a room, and one of the only places I could think of at the time was this entrance to a car park at Darling Harbour. The rest of the video was shot close to there too, in a park just up from Harris street in Pyrmont. The sun setting there provided a nice ambience.

I stuck with my normal editing techniques, although had shot a couple of takes at half speed, as I felt that kind of shot would suit the track. So I had to speed those up, or at least bring them back to normal speed. Other than that, I used a fairly simple colour grade. Just my usual tweaks pretty much.

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